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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sulu Sultanate disputes Malaysian claim over arrest of 'coordinator'

Bantilan Esmail Kiram, young brother of Sultan Jamalul III, is seen in this March 11, 2013 file photo. Malaysia claims it captured his son while trying to sneak in supplies to the sultanate's followers holed up in Lahad Datu, but the sultanate disputes this.

MANILA, Philippines – A high-ranking official of the Sultanate of Sulu disputed the claim of the Malaysian government that a man they arrested and tagged as a “coordinator” was supplying food, medicines, water and other needs of Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram’s men in Lahad Datu.

Sultanate secretary general Abraham Idjirani, spokesman of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III,  was referring to reports that Datu Ahmir Baham Hussein Kiram was arrested with his wife, Gina Tabes Kiram, for supplying food, water and medicines to Raja Muda’s men.

Idjirani noted that the claim is inconsistent with the food blockage imposed. How can anyone sneak in food there considering the battalions of the Malaysian army and police surrounding the area. Besides the ground blockade, there is a naval blockade and in the air, Malaysian aircraft fly every hour,” Idjiirani said.

He confirmed that Datu Ahmir Baham Hussein Kiram was in Sabah, but denied he was captured by the Malaysian authorities since there was no confirmation yet coming from his father, Sultan Bantilan Esmail Kiram.

"That man is the son of Sultan Bantilan Esmail Kiram. I cannot confirm that (he was captured), I cannot confirm that because we have not received information to that effect until now,” Idjirani said.

Esmail Kiram is the younger brother of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, and was in talks recently with Interior Secretary Mar Roxas II. After the DILG announced that Roxas and Esmail Kiram had talked of a “disengagement” option for the sultanate’s followers still in Sabah, Jamalul said the talks with Roxas was not authorized.

Earlier, Malaysian security forces claimed that the young Kiram leader (Datu Ahmir Baham Hussein Kiram) was captured along with his wife in a swampy area in Semporma, Saturday morning.

"During the intense negotiations [in the initial stages of the standoff that began Feb. 12] , sila (Datu Ahmir Ishmael Kiram) ang tumulong sa police ng Malaysia in order to resolve the issue sa isla [his group was helping the Malaysian police negotiate a peaceful end to the standoff].  I cannot understand the Malaysian authorities,” Idjirani said.

According to him, Datu Ahmir Ishmael Hussein Kiram and his family started living in Sabah a long time ago, since they are one of the descendants of the Kiram family, who until now claim ownership of the island.

Isi Penting Berita ini:
1. Datu Ahmir Baham Hussein Kiram telah ditangkap dengan isterinya, Gina Tabes Kiram
2. Datu Ahmir Baham Hussein Kiram telah bertindak sebagai penyelaras untuk membekalkan makanan, ubat-ubatan, air dan lain-lain keperluan kepada Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram itu di Lahad Datu. 
3. Idjirani mengesahkan bahawa Datu Ahmir Baham Hussein Kiram berada di Sabah, tetapi menafikan beliau telah ditangkap oleh pihak berkuasa Malaysia
4. Lelaki itu adalah anak Sultan Bantilan Esmail Kiram.
5. Esmail Kiram adalah adik kepada Sultan Jamalul Kiram III.
6. Datu Ahmir Ismail Hussein Kiram dan keluarganya sudah lama tinggal di Sabah.

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